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Switch to Sustainable and Renewable Energy

At Buzz Solar, we supply and install solar panel systems across London, Bucks, Berks, Herts, Surrey & Oxfordshire, Generate and store your own power while reducing your carbon footprint and energy bills. 

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Why Choose Buzz Solar?

Sustainable & Renewable Energy

At Buzz Solar, we prioritize the use of sustainable and renewable energy to reduce your carbon footprint and promote a cleaner environment. By switching to solar energy, you will save on your energy bills.

Safe & Reliable Solar Panel Systems

Our solar panel systems are designed and installed by experienced professionals, ensuring a safe and reliable energy source for your home or business.

Carrying Solar Panel To Roof

Great Savings & ROI

Switching to solar energy is a great investment that can provide long-term savings and return on investment. At Buzz Solar, we offer competitive prices and financing options to make it more accessible for you. Homes with a source of Renewable Energy have a proven record to increase valuation and demand.

How Our Solar Panel Systems Work

1 Million+

Homes In The UK Generating Renewable Energy


Of Properties In The UK Generating Renewable Electricity

Year 2050

The Uk Is To Be Powered Completely By Renewable Energy

Tightening Bracket Screws On Roof Array

At Buzz Solar, we use the latest technology and industry best practices to design and install solar panel systems that meet your energy needs. Our approach ensures maximum efficiency and reliability, allowing you to generate and store your own clean energy.


Our Services

At Buzz Solar, we provide comprehensive solar panel system services for residential and commercial clients alike. Our services include:

Residential Solar Panel Systems

Switch to solar energy and reduce your energy bills while promoting a cleaner environment. We offer customized solar panel system designs and installations that fit your home's energy needs.

Commercial Solar Panel Systems

At Buzz Solar, we understand that commercial clients have unique energy needs. That's why we offer customized solar panel system designs and installations for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Maintenance & Support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support services to ensure your solar panel system is functioning at its best. Our team of experts is always ready to address any issues and keep your energy source running smoothly.

Our Previous Solar Panel System Installations (PV Systems)

What Our Clients Say

“Buzz Solar provided an excellent service and installed a solar panel system that exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to switch to solar energy.”

Miss Carroll, Homeowner

“As a business owner, I was looking for a reliable and cost-effective energy source. Buzz Solar delivered exactly what I needed with their customized commercial solar panel system. I'm very satisfied with their service and highly recommend them.”

Jaimi Tara, Business Owner

“Buzz Solar's team was very professional and knowledgeable. They provided us with a comprehensive solar panel system design and installation that met our unique energy needs. We're very pleased with the results and highly recommend them.”

Francis Wood, Homeowner

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