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Products We Provide

We offer a wide range of products all of which are eco friendly, energy saving and run on Solar Power Technology - Design, Supply, Install & Comission

Solar Panels

We offer a wide range of solar panels, different makes, types, colour's, sizes, wattage and styles, tailored to requirements

Solar Powered CCTV & Security Lights

Along with hard wired CCTV systems, we have a wide range of Solar Powered CCTV Systems & Security Lights

EV Chargers (Electric Vehicle Charger)

Our dedicated team will Design and install the EV charger you require, discounts available on multi installations

EESS Battery Systems

We Supply and Fit all types of battery storage systems including the Tesla Power wall

Solar Powered Electric Gates

 we can supply and fit a Solar Powered system to suit your electric gates, not only will they have a mains feed but our solar system will offer a renewable alternative and with back up batteries, youll never have to worry!

Island Mode & Car Storage 

We offer many different types of solar systems, Island mode is particularly popular in remote areas/rural locations, we can design, supply and fit a system in an area where mains power is unavailable, this includes, Log Cabins, Utility Containers, Site Offices, Shepherds Huts and many more

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