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Facts About Solar Panels

Fact One About Solar Panels

Years ago solar panels were a very expensive way to improve your homes efficiency and decrease your utility bills but in recent years the manufacturing of solar energy products have become so popular and saturated that the prices have decreased making solar panel fitting a very cost effective way to create renewable and sustainable energy!

Fact Two About Solar Panels

Efficiency of Solar Panels have become so advanced that just one single module could provide more power using its internal modernized technology then a small array could have produced many years ago. This key factor has now enabled consumers to purchase the same panels but with a higher performing system at a fraction of the cost!

Fact Three About Solar Panels

Batteries have become such a key feature to every solar panel install, using todays lithium ion batteries you gain up to approximately 90% from a full charge apposed to previous lead batteries which only performed up to approximately 50% from a full charge, the costing of these batteries were a lot more money and weighed much more then todays lithium ion batteries, using advanced technology these batteries offer optimized performance and results!

Fact Five About Solar Panels

Solar inverters, this is where DC (direct current) is converted into AC (alternating current), typically households run on alternating current so having a converter is a huge piece of the puzzle to be able to use your solar panels, inverters handle the conversion of electricity, making sure you have an inverter the right size to handle your harnessed solar power is a very important part of the installation. Manufacturers are regularly bringing new inverters to the market with new technology to help consumers harness electricity more efficiently!

Fact Six About Solar Panels

Solar panels are a huge part of reducing green house gases and helping reduce the consumers carbon footprint across the world, so much that governments are offering incentives and grants via local councils to help fund the cost of getting a solar panel install, harnessing energy from the sun is a renewable and sustainable way to generate and store your own electricity whilst also reducing your utility bills! It is not only helping the planet and the environment but it is also a good investment for the future!


The UK is set to be powered by renewable energy by 2050 and becoming a part of solar energy now will give you a great idea of what's to come in the future, if you would like to get a quote for your home or business then get in touch with one of the team @BuzzSolar and we will be happy to help you when selecting a system or give you more information about what we do!

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