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Solar Panel Installers | London & South East UK

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

Who Is Buzz Solar?

Buzz Solar is a new company founded by electrical contractors who have the experience and qualifications to design, supply, install and commission state of the art solar panel systems

What Exactly Do Solar Panel Installers Fit?

Solar Panel Array Installed By Buzz Solar
Solar Panel Array

A solar panel is a module made up of cells, the cells then use sunlight to generate electricity into a direct current (DC), the DC is then connected to an inverter which converts DC to alternating current (AC), AC is then used in most residential and commercial properties as the main feed of electricity (Photo on the right is an install we carried out in St. Albans)

So Basically?

Solar panels generate electricity for the consumer to use in there property although theres the initial outlay of the system itself, the consumer has now got free electricity

What Are The Benefits Of Solar Panel Systems?

Free electricity for starters, a renewable and sustainable form of electric, reduced carbon footprint (greenhouse gases) and to top it all off, if you opt for a DNO connected system you get paid for the excess electric you dont use!

Where Does Buzz Solar Fit Into This?

Here at Buzz Solar we provide an extensive solar panel fitting service which enables our consumers to not only gain the benfits of a futuristic system but by doing so they are generating free electricity for their household and also reducing green house gases at the same time!

What Other Services Are Available At Buzz Solar?

Well Buzz Solar offer a variety of other products and services see below;

  • Solar Panel Fitting

  • Electrical Energy Storage Systems (EESS Batteries)

  • Solar Powered Gates

  • Solar Powered Security Lights

  • Main Fed CCTV & Solar Powered

  • Solar Product Maintenance

If your interested in getting a quote, some general knowledge or a site survey, fill in the form or give us a ring.

Tel: 02081912248

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